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Workshop Scheme

10 July 2012
Type: General News

Dramatherapy Southwest Memberís Workshop Scheme

Open to all Dramatherapy Southwest Members (Including Student Members)

In order to facilitate further CPD opportunities in the South West and for these to happen across the region, the Committee of Dramatherapy Southwest has launched The Memberís Workshop Scheme.

We invite members to submit proposals to run a workshop for the organisation and its members. The workshop can be about anything you consider relevant to the membership. We hope that by having financial support and promotional support from DTSW, members will feel inspired to offer and facilitate training for their colleagues.

This is separate from and in addition to the September 29 DTSW Conference.

This is how it works:

You have an idea for a workshop and research the feasibility; content, venue, cost, and location, which can be anywhere in the region. You may want to organise it alone or with another dramatherapist.

You complete the dramatherapy workshop application form and send it to Martin Redfern, committee member and workshop contact person.

If your workshop is agreed, the committee will guarantee you as organiser/s a fee of £100.00 per workshop, regardless of the number of presenters. The cost for participants will be agreed in negotiation with the committee. The cost for Dramatherapy Southwest Members will be offered at a discount.

Any net profit, after costs etc. will be split 50:50 between the organisers and Dramatherapy Southwest.

If you have any queries, please contact Martin (email: tel: 01404 45014)

This is a pilot year for the scheme - any thoughts or suggestions about the scheme will be welcome via the members forum on the website.
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